Hey I'm jack

Photographer, male woo girl, cat lover, dance-floor starter. I'm based in Sydney's inner-west and I'm always keen to travel too.

What am I all about?

Helping people feel comfortable and have fun in front of the camera.

What drives me?

The aim to make you both feel like your wedding day was even better because I was there taking the pictures.


My approach

my view

Your vision 

My style

Weddings are big, fun celebrations of two people doing something so awesome together. Loving someone for the rest of your life ain't always easy (I think we can all agree) but it's 100% worth the effort. A wedding is your chosen community of legends all showing their support and cheering you on. Including your photographer.

Every couple is unique and has a personal vision for their wedding photos. I want to hear about yours and make it happen. Maybe you want your day to feel like one massive party and you want that energy captured. Maybe family is really important and you want heaps of photos of them sharing the day with you. Let's make it happen!

My style is a mix of portraying wedding days in the most beautiful way I can + capturing emotional moments. I always aim to chat to people and get to know them a bit so I can help them feel a little bit more comfortable in front of the camera. When people are comfortable in front of the camera, the real "them" comes out and that's what I love to see more than anything.

"If you are looking for an incredible wedding photographer stop what you are doing and book Jack! I promise it will be one of the best wedding decisions you'll make"

katherine & pat

From the moment we met with Jack we knew he was the guy to look after our day. So chilled and took the stress out of everything"

Sally & James

"You spend your whole wedding day with your photographer and we are so glad and grateful to have had Jack as our photographer - he went above and beyond"

Sabrina & Brett

"He gave us the unbelievably hard task to try and pick our favourite pictures. We watched the album on slideshow 4 times on the first day we received it and can't get over how much we love our photos"

Casey & Joel

My passion comes from memories of being a kid and feeling SO uncomfortable when my family would take photos. But then there would be times when we were all laughing and having fun, someone would snap a photo and those ended up being the best shots. Later on, when I realised I loved taking photos of people. I wanted them to love the experience too and so I'm always finding ways to make photos fun. 

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