Make it awesome

I want your wedding experience to be fun and stress-free. I want you to be laughing and celebrating every step of the way!


I take a limited number of weddings every year to ensure I'm able to take care of all my clients. Get in touch for a copy of my price guide.

Wedding Planning

Photo time


A meeting to discuss your wedding vision and how to make it happen

My packages range from 6 to 10 hours and we can customise something for you too

High resolution + websize res for socials - all delivered in colour + black and white online galleries

Wedding Guide

My expert wedding secrets guide to help you get the most out of your wedding day

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My approach

I'm a wedding photographer and so I want to capture all the big and small moments of your wedding day while helping everyone look their best. But to me, if you aren't having the wedding day you've always wanted, then the photos are meaningless. 

All my clients are unique. Some want their wedding to feel like a massive party, some want it to feel romantic and intimate. Some want some direction in front of the camera, some want everything captured in a completely journalistic way. 

I want to hear about the vibe you want for your wedding and then use all my expert knowledge to help you create that vibe and take photos that fit you too.

For example, I normally recommend 1 hour for the portrait-shoot/photoshoot but if you both feel like 10 minutes of those photos is enough for you, that's no problem at all, Iet's do it!


Tell your story, your way. Your wedding album frames your wedding day (pardon the pun). It condenses all your favourite wedding moments into something beautiful you can hold in your hands and show the world. 

This is where your photos really shine and the albums are pretty beautifully designed if I do say so myself.

"Fantastic, outstanding, amazing!!!!! These are all words I would use to describe Jack Jones Wedding Photography!!!! If you want to the remember the tears, the love and the laughter of your day then look no further."

Athena & Nathan


Chill, easy, videos. Anton's videos have an air of the old family videos your parents would take of you as kids, if your parents had an awesome modern video camera and professional editing software. We’re less about sending you 20 minutes of ceremony footage from a camera on a tripod and more about getting close ups of the emotions of your family and friends. Or – less coverage, more feeling.

The work of my man, Anton

Let's make your wedding vision come to life over a cocktail